i'm a princess, you motherfucker.
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Could you get any more beautiful? 😍😍😍

is that a morph of grace helbig and Ariana grande?

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I mean..

*cough cough*

my little heart can’t take it

hashtag soup

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I’m laughing at this reaction to “watch out for momma pig because she will jump along side the boat” 

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I still love this photo so much.

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You’re cute. Can I make you moan?

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Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan from "TRXYE" Album


Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan

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furr real tho.

I would have been constantly trying to go to museums. 


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this;  why do people need to be reminded of this;  
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In 1979, when the minimum wage was $2.90, a hard-working student with a minimum-wage job could earn enough in one day (8.44 hours) to pay for one academic credit hour. If a standard course load for one semester consisted of maybe 12 credit hours, the semester’s tuition could be covered by just over two weeks of full-time minimum wage work—or a month of part-time work. A summer spent scooping ice cream or flipping burgers could pay for an MSU education. The cost of an MSU credit hour has multiplied since 1979. So has the federal minimum wage. But today, it takes 60 hours of minimum-wage work to pay off a single credit hour, which was priced at $428.75 for the fall semester.

The Myth of Working Your Way Through College - Svati Kirsten Narula - The Atlantic (via infoneer-pulse)

Which is why I hate older people who say you can work your way with one minimum wage job to pay off everything for school.

Like shut your dumb old ass up.

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what on earth is a credit hour and how and why are you paying;  
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